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  • Sexy Alexis Fawx Busty Hot Cock Sucking MILF

    alexis fawx

    Stunning MILF Alexis Fawx is relative new to the porn world, but she’s an insanely hot MILF who loves to fuck and loves to suckon big hard cocks. She’s totally into it, and gets into all sorts of positions to enjoy slurping a knob. This scene from 40 Something has her working on JMac’s sizable tool, and she doesn’t shy away from that monster meat, instead putting all of her experience to work to make sure he enjoys her oral ministrations. She fucks as well as she sucks too, making this babe a totally hot MILF package!

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  • Hot MILF Lyla Lali Loves Hard Young Cock

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    Lyla Lali is a sexy, busty, lusty, and very naughty MILF. At 46, this hot wife has taken her sex life from hidden in the bedroom with her husband to very public, shooting multiple scenes for 40 Something, including getting ass fucked! She’s a wild one for sure, and she loves hard young cock to suck on. You can tell from the look on her face that this MILF is totally into sucking his hard cock and getting it ready to plug her needy pussy, fucking her in ways her husband never could! She certainly gives him a hell of a knob job on this young cock, she;s one horny mature cocksucker!

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  • Paralegal MILF Sucks A Big Hard Cock

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    Damn, this one is a hotty! Lexy Cougar is almost 50 and she loves hard cock, the bigger the better! She’s a talented cock sucker who isn’t shy to get it on!

    Lexy Cougar, a 49-year-old MILF who lives in Miami, Florida, makes her 40SomethingMag.com debut by sucking and fucking JMac’s big cock. This big-titted beauty gets a creampie in her pretty pussy, too. “I’ve been a paralegal all my life,” Lexy said. “That requires you to be conservative at all times, so, yes, I’d say the people who know me would be surprised to see me here.” So would the middle-school girls who Lexy taught dance and gymnastics. “I dance and workout,” Lexy said. “I workout three times a week. I used to do gymnastics in high school, and I enjoy going to the beach.” Lexy loves showing off her tanned, fit body. She wears mini-skirts and short shorts with little tops. She isn’t a swinger or a nudist, but she said, “I’m not shy when it comes to exposing my body. I’m very comfortable with my body and not inhibited.” The proof is in the pictures.

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  • Housewife Annette Sucking Cock and Loving It


    One look at this gal’s face, and you can tell she’s loving the cock – and has the experience to handle it too! Sexy housewife Annette gives this guy all he can take and a little more!

    And now, fucking on-camera for the first time, here’s 48-year-old Annette, a sexy, cock-loving wife from Las Vegas, Nevada. Figures, right? Sin City. But Annette wasn’t born in Vegas. She’s from Oregon, and she has two kids, and her husband accompanied her to the studio and watched her suck and fuck porn studs, and she works in software and computers. Annette is a hot one. One day while she was in our studio, she sat and watched while one of our young Naughty Neighbors models fucked a stud. The look on Annette’s face said, “I can do better than that.” But she didn’t say so because she’s a nice woman. “I only wear panties after sex to get them dirty,” Annette said. She means with your cum. In other words, she uses her panties as a cum sponge.

    Gotta love it, she’s a hot cock sucker and a naughty wife too!

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  • Vivian Piper Is a Naughty Mature Cock Sucker


    This has got to be one of the hottest mature cock sucking and fucking scenes I have seen in a while, mostly because MILF Vivian Piper is one hell of a horny and willing babe! This sexy 43 year old is totally into fucking. In fact, she once spent an evening in a swing club letting anyone and everyone fuck her ass and pussy and cum all over her tits. How many? She lost count! Holy fuck! She knows a thing to two about sucking cock too, she really gives this guy a good hot sloppy blowjob, which is good because next stop is her ass, this horny MILF gets ass fucked because it makes her cum faster and harder – I think her cock sucking skills will make most of us cum faster and harder too!

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  • Vivian Piper First Time Sucking On Camera

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    I love when a mature site gets a total newbie in, a gal who has never done anything in front of the camera but figures now it the right time. Enter 42 year old Vivian Piper, this is her first ever suck and fuck scene on camera and you can tell this naughty MILF loves the cock! She’s totally into sucking this guy good and proper!

    “My closest friends already know I’m doing this. In fact, they want me to do more and more. Some of my more-casual friends might be surprised to find out just how sexual I really am.” Maybe. Maybe not. Vivian Piper, a 42-year-old divorcee and mother from California, is so sexual, we don’t know how anybody doesn’t pick up on that within the first five minutes of meeting her. “I love picking up a guy at a bar or on the street and flirting with him and having him flirt with me and deciding when I’m going to go home and have sex with him,” Vivian said. “That sounds like a good time, and it usually is.” Vivian is a 5’7″ brunette with DD-cup tits, a curvy body and lots of tattoos. In this, her worldwide hardcore debut, Vivian deep-throats Rocky and fucks him every which way. “I wanted to have a lot of fun,” Vivian said when we asked her why she came to 40SomethingMag.com. “I wanted to feel pretty, I wanted to be sexy and I wanted to do it on-camera so I could share. I’m a giver.” She knows how to give and to take. We asked Vivian about the most men she’s fucked at once time and she said, “Eight? Nine? Fifteen? I lost track.

    Clearly she loves to suck cock, and she loves to fuck too, party time!

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  • Tori Dean Sucked Cock For Christmas

    tori dean sucked cock for christmas

    When someone asks Tori Dean if she got what she wanted for Christmas, she just points them to this hot vide from 40 Something. Yup, this horny MILF sucked cock for christmas and loved it! This horny MILF is a real lover of the cock, and very talented when it comes to sucking and fucking, check out the story behind this horny babe:

    Now 47 years old, Tori Dean returns to 40SomethingMag.com to get more cock. Tori, who’s still single and living in Arizona, shot two fuck scenes while she was in our studio last week, and this is one of them. ‘It’s good to be back,’ Tori said. ‘I loved it the first time, and I’m guessing this is going to be even better. I love having sex with porn studs.’ And they love having sex with her, as should be obvious from these photos. This hot-bodied divorcee (36D-27-36) once had a radio station vote her ‘Legendary MILF of Arizona.’ We have no idea what that means. Nonetheless, we agree!

    I agree too! This MILF is super hot, nice tits, great pussy, and she sucks cock with a skill and a passion you won’t find with younger girls. This sexy divorcee knows how to suck a cock and get a guy to cum hard and fast too… watch out guys, she’s single and loves cock!

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  • Charli Shay Loves Cock Sucking and Ass Fucking

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    You have to love a MILF who knows what she wants. Charli Shay is a horny mom and wife I found over at 40 Something, and she is ready for some action.

    Charli Shay isn’t a swinger or a nudist. She’s just a woman who likes to have fun and get a little wild. She’s a mother of two girls and has worked in sales and in gyms. And now she’s just beginning to explore her sexuality. ‘I’ve fulfilled one of my fantasies: to do porn!’ Charli said. She did that the last time she was here, getting a creampie from a guy who was 18 years younger than her (Charli is 42). This time, she’s wearing a sexy, little lingerie dress on her tight, sexy, little body. Stockings and garters, too. She sucks cock. She sucks balls. She gets fucked. And she gets her ass filled with cock!

    This gal has some great cock sucking skills, and the lucky guy getting head from this horny 42 year old Mom is in heaven. She sucks like crazy and takes his cock up her ass, making her a rare, sexy find!

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  • Horny 47 Year Old MILF Niki Sucking Cock

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    Niki Sixxx is perhaps the perfect example of a MILF, she looks like your friends hot mom or your neighbor’s hot wife, a sexy blond with a great body and a love of all thing sex. This is only her second ever sex scene for 40 Something, and already she has a reputation for being a hot little cock sucker. Last time she ended turned up side down to suck cock, and this time she is on her back getting her face fucked and loving it. She’s hot for cock and more than willing to put the effort into a truly entertaining blowjob. She’s the MILF you want sucking your cock at the Christmas party, that is for sure!

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  • MILF Summer Meadows Sucking Cock

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    Some gals just get right into blowjobs, sucking cock is natural Wild 47 year old Summer Meadows is just like that, she loves new adventure and a fresh new cock is a good challenge for any day of the week, check out her story:

    ‘I’m a typical girl-next-door but I have a wild side,’ said 47-year-old Summer Meadows, who’s showing off that wild side for the first time at 40SomethingMag.com. She’s getting her pussy eaten, sucking dick, getting fucked and enjoying a facial. Summer is a real fuck doll. She’s 5’7′ and weighs 124 pounds. Thin. You could easily pick her up and fuck her. Even turn her upside-down if you’d like. She measures 34B-28-34. ‘I love to dress sexy,’ she said. ‘I like the attention I get from men.’ Not surprisingly, Summer has been a dancer. She’s also been a private investigator and a correctional officer. And now, she’s a porn star!

    She gives this guy a good sucking before he moves in to plow her MILF pussy from behind, but it’s back up top for sucking for a nice finish, because, well, this MILF’s cock sucking skills are top notch!

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