Vivian Piper First Time Sucking On Camera

vivian piper blowjob

I love when a mature site gets a total newbie in, a gal who has never done anything in front of the camera but figures now it the right time. Enter 42 year old Vivian Piper, this is her first ever suck and fuck scene on camera and you can tell this naughty MILF loves the cock! She’s totally into sucking this guy good and proper!

“My closest friends already know I’m doing this. In fact, they want me to do more and more. Some of my more-casual friends might be surprised to find out just how sexual I really am.” Maybe. Maybe not. Vivian Piper, a 42-year-old divorcee and mother from California, is so sexual, we don’t know how anybody doesn’t pick up on that within the first five minutes of meeting her. “I love picking up a guy at a bar or on the street and flirting with him and having him flirt with me and deciding when I’m going to go home and have sex with him,” Vivian said. “That sounds like a good time, and it usually is.” Vivian is a 5’7″ brunette with DD-cup tits, a curvy body and lots of tattoos. In this, her worldwide hardcore debut, Vivian deep-throats Rocky and fucks him every which way. “I wanted to have a lot of fun,” Vivian said when we asked her why she came to “I wanted to feel pretty, I wanted to be sexy and I wanted to do it on-camera so I could share. I’m a giver.” She knows how to give and to take. We asked Vivian about the most men she’s fucked at once time and she said, “Eight? Nine? Fifteen? I lost track.

Clearly she loves to suck cock, and she loves to fuck too, party time!

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